TTU Parking

Texas Tech Campus Maps

Below are parking maps of the Texas Tech University campus separated by permit type. Parking on the campus is controlled by the Traffic and Parking Regulations.

Full Campus Maps

Campus Map
Visitor Map
Visitor Map

Commuter Parking

Commuter North
Commuter North
Commuter ICC
Satellite Parking
Commuter Satellite
Commuter West
Commuter West
Tower Icing
Tower Icing for Commuter West

Garage Parking

Flint ave Garage
Flint Avenue Parking Facility
(Available to residence hall students, commuters, faculty, and staff)

Raider Park Parking Garage
(Available to commuters)

Athletic Event Parking

Residence Hall Lots

 Z1 Map (Gordon/Bledsoe/Sneed)
Z1 (Gordon/Bledsoe/Sneed)
Z2 Map (Horn/Knapp/Boston Avenue)
Z2 (Horn/Knapp/Boston Avenue)
Z3 Map (Wall/Gates/Hulen/Clement/Boston Avenue)
Z3 (Wall/Gates/Hulen/Clement/Boston Avenue)
Z4 Map (Chitwood/Weymouth)
Z4 (Chitwood/Weymouth)
Z5 Map (Stangel/Murdough)
Z5 (Stangel/Murdough)
Z6 Map (Carpenter/Wells/Murray)
Z6 (Carpenter/Wells/Murray)

Z7 (West Campus Village)