TTU Parking

Parking on Campus

Students, faculty, and staff who wish to park any type of vehicle on the Texas Tech campus must purchase an ePermit, or electronic permit. Current prices can be viewed here. Visitors to campus, or non-students and non-employees, need an ePermit to drive and park on campus. Visitors may receive an ePermit for free or opt for paid parking.

EPermits are tied to the license plate number of the holder’s vehicle and do not require a hangtag, sticker or other form of identification affixed to the vehicle. Transportation and Parking Services checks vehicles for the proper ePermit through license plate recognition, or LPR. The ePermit holder is responsible for citations issued to any vehicles bearing his or her ePermit regardless of vehicle ownership.

Student Parking

To obtain an ePermit, log into My Parking Account, register the vehicle to be brought onto campus, and select which lot to park. To learn more about student parking, visit the student parking page.

Faculty and Staff Parking

Faculty and staff have the option of choosing an ePermit for reserved areas, reserved spaces, or commuter lots. New faculty and staff members must visit the Transportation and Parking Services office for the initial purchase in order to verify employment. After the initial purchase, renewals can be made online through My Parking Account. Learn more about employee parking on the faculty and staff parking page.

Visitor Parking

Visitor parking on campus Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. requires a free ePermit. Visitor ePermits may be obtained at any of the seven entry stations on campus. Various places around campus offer free or park-and-pay spaces for visitors. Entry station attendants can provide maps and identify areas to park. See the visitor parking page for more information.

Contractor and Vendor Parking

Contractors and vendors also need an ePermit to drive and park on the Texas Tech campus. More information is available here

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